Saturday, October 27, 2007

welcome to saving face online network

Dear Friends of peace

This blog is for those who love peace and want to reconcile with their neighbors. It is a blog for the bold. I mean those who have gone through different kinds of conflicts, or are still in conflict, but would like to seek resolution. Saving FaceNetwork is a template for all who want to share their stories freely.
Lets therefore talk out our feelings here, and relief ourselves of great burden of guilt and pain. Saving Face means regaining your dignity and respect and transforming your disputes creatively.

No matter what kind of conflict you are facing, this blog will help you reconcile through the pragmatic dialogue that will be going on here. Connect with your friends, exchange notes, connect with your ex-spouses find a common ground. This is a space for reconciliation and soul searching, and not for mudslinging.
As a mediator, I believe this blog will add to what we know about Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR). All professionals are invited to post here and exchange ideas.

Here is a place to Save Face. So lets hear your opinions about conflicts. We shall jointly find answers to our family, workplace, community, relational and individual problems.

You are all welcome to Saving Face Network
Remain Blessed
Emmy irobi
Certified mediator/Researcher

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Gef Resolution said...

Solidarity to all freedom loving people of Egypt. Your efforts shall not be in vain. How long shall you remain under the dictates of a dictator. Your liberation time is now. Mubarak should know its time to quit. but he needs face saving arrangement. this should be provided by those who funded him to power. The West in particular. A note of warning to other dictators elsewhere in the Arab world and Africa; Your time is numbered. Read the hand writing on the wall and leave . Democracy the Egyptian type has come to stay and be respected.